Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Inspirations

Inspired by the SCBWI European Union Scrawl Crawl and my daughter's prolific blogging, I decided to sketch and put it up here. Right away. Not after thinking and procrastinating and whatever! It's a Sunday morning warm up sketch of my latest purchase: old buttons. There's a "brocante" (antique (-ish) shop) nearby and I 've been going there for years, picking up odds and ends. It's owned by a friendly woman with a good eye and a great talent for display. And so, here's the sketch:

You may be wondering what a "Scrawl Crawl" is and rightly so. It's a day out, roaming around, sketching from life. I had a wonderful time with Sue Porter and her dog, Maisie; we went to Carnac and sketched the prehistoric stones.

It felt so good to draw outdoors from life, getting out of the attic, away from my desk, the dummy book I'm trying to complete and the computer screen. I got back into the drawing process-- it's way different sketching from life than pulling reference pics from search engines. Everyone knows that but it's easy to get caught up in work and not look up or out. I'm going to try to keep sketching for fun because it is just that.