Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Sketch

A collage sketch for those of you wishing for an early Spring:

Hang in there!


  1. Lovely spring collage, Dana. I feel more cheerful already.

  2. So lovely! Just what I needed to see today as I listen to the weather report about the next storm front approaching. Well, I'm just gonna keep looking at your collage. BTW, I love that effect; always loved collage medium. Thanks for sharing it

  3. I feel the dirty gigantic mounds of snow just melting away looking at your beautiful illustration! He is a "buddy!"

  4. Thanks for taking a look Frances, Barb & Caroline! Glad it cheered you guys up. I had fun making it.

  5. Hi Dana!
    Interesting and beautiful colors.
    Especially bird's blue, I like.
    I feel like doing collage.

  6. Hi Juri!
    Thank you.
    Yes, do some collage--lots of fun. And be sure to post what you do. I always check out your iPhone drawings on the subway etc. Love them.

  7. That's a great bird. Really appealing shapes.