Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunday is Market Day in Brest

These are some random sketches and photos from Sunday when I took the tram into town to pick up this and that for lunch.

This is pain au cacao. OUi! Chocolate bread. Not cake or pastry but organic bread made with cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips. It is divine which is fitting since I did buy this on a Sunday. The little loaf behind it is pain au conté et noix (cheese and walnuts). It's good too but it's hard not to take second billing to cAcaO!

After buying fresh turkey breast and a beautiful stainless steel pot and lid (opportunity knocks and you've got to answer), I headed over to the little square where parents take kids to play. I sketched.


While I was strolling around, Gemma was running a 5K with her friends from lycée to benefit breast cancer research. Bravo les filles!

This café sketch is from Friday when I had a day on the town with my friend, Sue. We hit the art supply store and I tried out my new colored pencils right away. Sue tried out her new pencil called "The Shaker" and a crisp new pad of drawing paper.


  1. Bonjour,
    Plusieurs fois par an je me rends à Brest (j'habite la région stéphanoise proche de Lyon). Je vais rendre visite à mes enfants qui habitent à Plouescat.
    J'aime beaucoup le nouvel aménagement de cette ville.
    Vos croquis sont charmants et ont une âme.
    Un thé aux fruits ou un nature Lipton ?
    Gros bisous

    1. Merci, Martine!
      Je connais bien Plouescat-- j'ai passé beaucoup d'étés juste à coté et nous sommes allés aux plages comme Porsmeur, Kerfissien et Keremma. Et j'ai fait mes courses au bourg!
      Quand vous êtes à Brest ou Plouescat, si vous auriez le temps, j'aimerais bien partager un thé avec vous!