Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A whole lot of links

I wrote a post over at the Sub It Club:
"The Monthly Goalpost for October: Science + Wisdom (yup, that's right)"
I love the 3 minute video at the end.
Here's the link: bit.ly/1bo1EUu

While you're over there, you can check out the latest Postcard Post featuring illustrator, Hazel Mitchell:
Link: http://bit.ly/18GNV3j
And why not peruse the archives?
Link for the Postcard Post archives:http://bit.ly/10oEFy
and the Monthly Goalpost archives too: http://bit.ly/1eX9UeI
I made a doodle for Doodler's Anonymous' theme: Draw Your Dream Class. 
Fun stuff. I'm almost ready to go public on an event I'm planning for SCBWI France. Can't wait!

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