Friday, November 1, 2013

Latest post over at the Sub It Club

I just posted The Monthly Goalpost for November at the Sub It Club. This month features time management and my hunt for the perfect kitchen timer to use in the studio to help me complete ongoing work. This Holy Grail got me thinking... then sketching.

Here's the link to the complete blog post:

And here are my ideas for possible motivational (or not) kitchen timers to use for timed periods of concentrated activity.

What do you do when procrastination sets in and you need to get stuff done? Ever try a kitchen timer to encourage focused work periods? For me at times, getting started is hardest so this idea of working for a set number of minutes works. No pressure to keep working but once I've begun, I usually keep going.


  1. Hi Dana,
    Hey, great idea! I love the idea of a kitchen timer for your writing muse. I personally like the cupcake timer. That way, when I am done writing, I can reward myself with a cupcake! BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by my blog and claim your badge!

    1. Ha! Yes, I like that cupcake reward idea, Romelle. And thanks for the Liebster nomination. I'm coming over to pick it up! :)

  2. I learned of this blog from I am scrolling through your archives. This is a fun and entertaining blog. Thanks for doing it.

  3. Hi Dana...why have I not been here before? Perhaps I have...but forgot.:)
    I just read Alayne's post...and saw you on her blogroll...I'll try to put you on mine.:) And will definitely check out the post you refer to.
    Time management is my nemesis...part of the problem is that I just have TOO MUCH that I want to be involved with.:) I love the kitchen timer idea...I've suggested it to parents for various child-centered situations...but it could certainly be helpful as you use it.